Policy and Advocacy

NDN Collective Policy

Our Climate Justice team’s political platform promotes policies that support the defense, development, and decolonization of our people.

We engage directly in advocating for justice orientated policy and in the electoral process through:

Facilitating policy

Working with individuals and parties in federal, state, and local legislatures that are fighting to advance Indigenous rights and environmental protection. Our Climate Justice Director, Jade Begay and Liberty Greene from the NDN Fund team serve on the Minnesota Green New Deal task force alongside Representative Illhan Omar as part of making the Green New Deal tangible in Minnesota.

Lobbying Washington  

Lobbying elected officials and policymakers at the state and national levels to affect the introduction, passage, and execution of policies that will benefit Indigenous Peoples and the planet. Climate Justice Organizer, Kailea Frederick serves as a commissioner on the Petaluma Climate Action Commission. 

Engaging the White House

Our Climate Justice Director Jade Begay sits on the inaugural White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council. This newly established council seeks to hold the Biden Administration accountable not only in meeting its climate goals but ensuring that these goals are in service to frontline communities.

Our team consistently meets with the White House Office of Public Engagement and Biden Administration departments including the DOE and the DOI.

Resourcing our Communities Through Guiding Policy 

Mobilizing Climate and Environmental Justice Investments to Indigenous Frontline Communities is our recently published memo that our Climate Justice team authored in tandem with NDN Fund. This was written to the federal government as a response to this year’s release of several new plans such as the Green New Deal for Cities Act of 2021 and the American Jobs Plan. Our memo provides guidance on how to properly resource our communities based on our expertise and success in this area.

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