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Achieving climate justice requires ensuring support, resource rights, and sovereignty for the people who are struggling directly with climate change impacts. Those who are living closest to extractive industry and/or are on the frontlines of climate change have the most effective solutions to these challenges, as well as the broad vision that is needed based on real-life experience. Therefore, our five main areas of impact are designed around listening to and meeting the interlocking needs of our communities’ current and future health and wellbeing, in order to move from exploitative practices to a regenerative, community-led economy. 

Below are the issue areas where we seek to create measurable impact and build solutions:

  • Water – We hold an inherent understanding that water is the source of life for all living beings. Our work defends the human right of access to clean water and safe, healthy water infrastructure. We provide educational opportunities on what it means to live in a climate crisis when access to water becomes scarce.
  • Energy– We build and invest in long term clean and regenerative energy infrastructure that is Indigenous led and operated, as we continue to push for the phasing out of the fossil fuel industry.
  • Food – Food sovereignty is inextricably linked to climate justice. We advocate and fight for climate policies and solutions that ensure Indigenous peoples can maintain connection to practicing agriculture and subsistence on their land. 
  • Gender – Globally, women are impacted first and worst by climate change. Our women and two-spirit/nonbinary relatives are also at high risk for sexual violence when extractive industry moves onto our lands. We place an emphasis on restoring traditions of matriarchal power and advocating for the safety of our women and two-spirit/nonbinary relatives as part of healing and empowering communities.
  • Health – Our team places an emphasis on uplifting the work of those who are diligently moving Indigenous communities from merely surviving to thriving. We envision a future where health and wellness knowledge is fully reclaimed for all of our relatives.

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