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Up to 75 percent of potential leaks might be undetectable including where the pipeline runs under Lake Oahe

NDN Collective DAPL Report

Faulty Infrastructure and the Impacts of the Dakota Access Pipeline, is the first report to lay out a full and factual timeline of the DAPL process. This report shows the depth and details of co-conspiring between the Army Corps of Engineers and the owners of DAPL,  illuminating the level of recklessness both parties are willing to take in the name of profit.For the last year the NDN Collective Climate Justice Team has been working with a team of engineering experts to produce this report that details how the Dakota Access Pipeline is technically unsafe and why the entirety of the DAPL process has lacked integrity through due process.

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The illegally operating Dakota Access Pipeline must be drained and permanently shut down as a matter of adherence to tribal sovereignty, the law, and environmental protection.

– Kailea Fredrick, Climate Justice Organizer, NDN Collective.

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