Climate Justice at NDN

Ensuring support, resource rights, and sovereignty for the people who are struggling directly with climate change impacts

NDN Collective Climate Justice

Climate justice, defined by Indigenous dreaming, is an invitation into complexity, a surrendering to the truth, and a reckoning with extractive society in order to revitalize possibility. We must dream the Indigenous dream. And so we dream Climate Justice — and put our dreams into action.

The NDN Collective Climate Justice Campaign builds power throughout Indigenous communities in order to tackle the climate crisis. Our team runs and supports campaigns aimed at ending extraction, contamination, and violence in our territories. We advance policy changes, coalition building, and advocacy, while supporting the solutions-based work happening across our nations that utilizes traditional ecological knowledge in order to develop climate adaptive solutions that reflect our values of living with respect for all sources of life. 

Laying groundwork

The NDN Collective Climate Justice Campaign lays the groundwork for furthering other parts of our collective, like our LandBack campaign, which seeks to return Native lands to Native hands. We know it to be true that when Indigenous peoples have the opportunity to rightfully steward their land on their terms, land, water, air, and people benefit. At NDN Collective, climate justice is about healing land through bringing its rightful stewards back into power.